About RosiaBay Limited




At 23 I took my first Managing Director Role, a £7m manufacturing business in the UK. Since then I have led businesses across the globe for over 25 years.

I have been an Executive Business Coach for over ten years, supporting clients in the UK, USA, China and Australia



I am proud to be a Member of the Association for Coaching, a Member of the International Coaching Federation and a Master of the EMCC UK (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)

Reputable Training

I hold a MSc in Psychology and Coaching from the University of East London, as well as previously being a Chair for Vistage UK and undertaking over 250 hours of Coaching

Commitment to continued professional development

As a member of the Association for Coaching, we hold bi-monthly Coaching groups where Coaches meet and share best practice and debate coaching development

Quality client feedback

My clients often send me soundbytes about their experience of Coaching sessions with me. I have listed some of them on the website under client testimonials.

Knowledgeable Expert Advise and Support for Business Management

RosiaBay Business Management is respected for it's knowledge and expertise in advising and supporting scale up companies.


At RosiaBay, we understand the challenges faced by young, emerging, scale up and more established companies who are driving for greater efficiency and commercialisation, whilst delivering services to a wide and often very complex customer base. We work with you on reviewing, refining and setting strategy to ensure all stakeholders share and contribute towards your shared vision.


We have vast experience across several industry fields, however our passion and focus are on those companies capable of achieving scale up and those in distress that need our support to aid their recovery.


Our services and case studies around investor readiness, mergers and acquisitions, crisis management and corporate development of scale and or provide great insight to the value we create through a shared vision which we help you manage.


At the heart of RosiaBay Business Management is a desire to produce results, drive change and affect outcomes in order to maximise value. Working in partnership with businesses and their stakeholders we aim to secure and stabilise a situation, understand and assess the issues being faced, before developing and implementing an appropriate and robust strategy.


Our sector-led approach means you will always be talking to a professional who understands the chief challenges posed by your industry as well as the opportunities presenting themselves on a daily basis, and who knows exactly how to maximise your company’s potential.


At the other end of the spectrum, we understand the importance of acting swiftly in times of acute distress and will always work towards devising effective solutions which can be actioned in a timely and efficient manner.



Dr. Alan Ball

Founder and CEO

Alan started his managerial career at 23

when he became General Manager of a manufacturing company in Manchester. The experience in manufacturing continued for 20 years, living in the UK, USA, and China and covered sectors including injection moulding, electronics, lighting, foundry and casting, electronics, assembly and production. Alan then spent 20 years in the retail and trade distribution channel, across multiple sites and lived and worked in the USA, UK and Australia.

This broad experience in senior roles, with remits including JV's, start up's, mergers, growth, and diversification, allows Alan to speak with authority, understand business issues quickly, and put in place action plans effectively and efficiently.

Educated at Darden University in Virginia, and IMD in Switzerland, Alan hold's qualifications in the following:  

Master of Business Administration, MBA
Masters with honours in Law, LLb
Masters with honours in Psychology, MSc
Masters with honours in Coaching, MSc

P.h.D International Business

Passionate About Inspiring Others

There is a great feeling when you take a business and make a difference. Great leaders recognise that strong leadership enables change, emotional intelligence creates loyalty and above all, change is a lifelong journey.

Consultancy with the best results

I have been fortunate enough to have worked and lived in some great countries, worked with some incredible teams, and had a lot of fun along the way. I have been one of those people, who has always been able to create a vision that inspires others to follow. From the UK, to the USA, China and Australia, inspiring people to be the best they can and giving them hope and faith, is an incredible emotion that still makes me proud of what we have achieved.


I made the decision to harness that inspiration to support others and undertook a Masters program at the University of East London. The Masters in Psychology and Coaching, coupled with establishing Rosia Bay as a Limited Company, has allowed me to now support others to be the best they can be.


Challenging and honest, you won't get an easy ride. I'm not arrogant or a know it all, in fact, I am a firm believer in lifelong learning, but I have a keen sense of being able to see the untapped achievement in people. Having been trained in Counselling, I have an empathetic ear when it comes to depression and stress, that unspoken taboo which affects more leaders than we will ever know. Always a believer in being proficient in anything I undertake, I graduated from the University of East London on 18th July 2019, earning a distinction in my dissertation and an overall merit award.


My services deliver results, my clients stay with me because I continue to stretch their thinking and when the time comes, we agree to part, I get no enjoyment from just ticking over. So.... get in touch and reach your potential

Our Clients have come from a diverse and multinational marketplace. We are proud to have served businesses with complex issues, aspirations of growth and development, and those in need of support to secure the long term viability.