Go Local not Global

You cannot deny the uncertainty the current pandemic is bringing to the country and the world. Whilst many want the economy to bounce back quickly, there is no end in sight yet – and no idea how things will progress as we move forward. No-one really knows what the new norm will look like.


Understandably, there is uncertainty in the business world. If you own a business, you may be considering your position and wondering how to grow your business in the current climate. Yet while there is uncertainty regarding the global position and whether markets are open for business, the same cannot be said of local business opportunities.


In fact, thinking locally may well be the best option at present. It means you need not worry about whether a deal with the EU will be thrashed out, or whether lock downs and second waves threaten supply chains. It puts you in control of your options. It could even mean you tap into a market you previously hadn’t thought too much about.

How to begin


Some businesses are naturally better suited to doing business locally than others. Any business dealing in perishables, for example, would fall into this category. However, all businesses can do business locally as well as globally. It just takes a different approach.


Perhaps you have a local customer or client base already. If so, think on how you can expand it. If not, think about how you can create one. Advertising locally, using geographical promotions online, and simply talking to people can all work well. Developing local business networks can be rewarding in supporting each other, and opening opportunities to reciprocate business.

Seek advice and support from an outside source

If you are delving into an area you know little about, it requires research, knowledge, and support to achieve the results you want. Doing business locally may seem far easier than finding clients abroad, but don’t underestimate the unique challenges that may come your way by doing this.

This is where a business management consultant can be valuable to you. Talking through your options and considerations can help enormously if you are planning to tackle any new goal for your business. An experienced business consultant can help guide you and provide insight into areas you may not have thought about.


As always, preparation is key to minimising errors and achieving the best results. This applies to all areas of business. If you’re feeling as if your hands are tied waiting to find out what happens next, take control by looking at local markets you do have control over. Regardless of the type of business you have, the chances are you can develop it in ways that are not reliant on knowing the outcome of the pandemic. And once we move towards a new norm, if you have already developed your local business, the wider customer base will be a bonus and provide further growth.


Changing your viewpoint on your business could be the best way to achieve forward momentum and additional sales at present, no matter what industry you are working in.


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