International  Coaching Programs

Many Coaches provide services within their home territory, and this provides a valuable service.


Businesses and Leaders, should however, not be restricted by the availability of Coaches within their geographic location. 

Sometimes, the right fit is a Coach who has had hands on leadership experience living and working in those locations, and can therefore bring a broader challenge when it comes to Coaching, particularly for businesses who recruit internationally, trade across borders, or who just want to be ahead of the competition in their approach.

Fully Accredited

Executive Business Coach

Rosia Bay offers International Face To Face Coaching Programmes in the UK, USA, Canada, and China for leaders and teams. The PROPHET development tool can also be used as part of the programme.

Over the past 30 years, we have led some of the largest manufacturing and distribution businesses in those regions. Living Internationally develops your skills, not only as a leader, but in the way you understand cultures and people, enhancing your emotional intelligence to get the best out of your teams.

As an International Executive Coach, this experience has allowed me to provide insight and support to International leaders and teams.