Multi-cultural Coaching

In the 21st Century, most large-scale international organisations are operating globally, cross-culturally and looking to develop their senior management and executive teams as part of global leadership programmes

Whether company leaders are dealing with cultural changes through mergers/acquisitions or working with a workforce of different ethnic and/or national viewpoints, values and expectations, Coaches who work with individuals in cross-cultural environments have substantially different elements to consider and require a deep understanding of what culture is and how people in different cultures work differently.

Fully Accredited

Executive Business Coach

Rosia Bay has extensive experience of coaching across cultures on an Executive,  individual developmental, or as team coaching. Having led businesses and lived in the UK, USA, China, and Australia,  we are also used to working with developing coaching tools in multi cultural contexts.

Rosia Bay consider different belief systems as represented in the different cultures we work within and support coachees in broadening their own beliefs and knowledge.

Our coaching ensures that we unlock more capability by tapping into the richness of cultural diversity and some of the wisdom that lies in alternative cultural perspectives.

The added benefit of the PROPHET Team Report can also support cultural development and allow teams to understand the nuances these often bring.