Peer 2 Peer Groups

Peer 2 Peer groups have grown in popularity in the past decade. Whilst several companies develop independent groups of different businesses to share best practice, and support business challenges, Rosia Bay have developed a programme which works across multiple location businesses, multi division businesses or even management teams in a single business

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Executive Business Coach

Peer 2 Peer learning in the workplace can enhance employee autonomy, collaboration and professional development while encouraging innovative thinking. If business leaders can encourage a culture of cooperation and continual learning through P2P programs, they will be well on the way to reaping the benefits of a more educated workforce.

These groups are not without their challenges though. Regardless of the group build up, strong personalities, leader dynamics, and human nature can prevent these groups from getting the most out of group learning.

That's where Rosia Bay Peer 2 Peer group support comes in. As a previous Vistage Chair (Vistage is the worlds largest Peer 2 Peer group business) Alan has taken the learning from facilitating different businesses as a collective, and developed a programme whereby businesses from the same group, or managers from the same business, can gain the benefits from Peer 2 Peer learning using the action learning principles, and ensuring the whole team reaps the benefits.

Sessions can be facilitated on site, off site or by virtual team meeting.