Prophet Development Tool

PROPHET is a business Development Tool and not an Assessment Tool.

PROPHET is designed to make a significant difference to the world of work and the performance of organisations. It is built to the highest ethical principles.

PROPHET has been created to build relationships. It helps people appreciate the value of diverse approaches to work and the value in having people with different motivations.

It helps people understand the importance and application of different decision-making preferences.

Most importantly, it helps people understand the value in people who are different to them in order to fast-track relationships and performance while implementing strategy.

RosiaBay Limited Executive Coaching

After thorough research and writing, PROPHET was registered by the British Psychological Society in 2017. PROPHET’s reputation as an entirely different and relevant instrument is growing quickly across the globe.

Alan is a Certified Practitioner in PROPHET and can build Coaching programmes around the reports presented.

There are four high value reports available to suit your organisations needs and journey

Individual Profile Report. Helps people understand their business preferences and implications for working with others

Pivotal Relationship Report. Guides those working in pivotal relationships to appreciate the implications of working together

Team Insight Report. Advises teams to get the best from everyone and develop relationships that will facilitate performance.

Organisational Insight Report. Provides insight into the whole organisation to support the successful implementation of strategy.

Alan is a certified practitioner in PROPHET and can build Coaching programmes around the reports presented.